Directions to Chris Ford's office, Room 330, Mott Building

Map of Cavendish Lab showing Chris Ford's office

On-line map

Here's how to find my office at the Cavendish:

At ground-floor level, walk straight into the Mott Building from the Bragg Building (the corridor between the Canteen and the Stores, under the Bridge between buildings). Go through the first door on your right (room 328), and to the far right-hand corner of that large office, where you will find my office, Room 330.

My pigeon hole is near the goods lift at the end of the same corridor. To reach it, continue through the Mott Building from the Bragg Building. When you reach the goods lift, turn left through a door into a little corridor, where there are many pigeon holes - my p/h is in the right-hand stack of pigeon holes.

My phone number is (3)37486.